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Husband and lingerie catalogs

I found my wonderful adoring Christian husband looking at the lingerie ads in the inserts in newspapers. I confronted him and he told me he'd only looked at one page. I know that isn't true and said so, yet he continued to say he didn't remember seeing any others in all the five years we've been married.

I'm not even sure what i'm most upset about--his lying or his looking! Sure, it's not hardcore porn but it is looking at other women's nearly naked bodies. I absolutely won't stand for that any more than he'd like it if I showed off my body to other men! But he surely can't expect me to believe this hasn't been going on since we got married? Yet that is what he wants me to think! I'm having trouble trusting him because of this lie.

How can I get him to be more open and honest?

What would you do?

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