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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

I always felt that your husband was a decent man,. and although I wasnt popular with you and others when I said so(and that is why I stayed away from this thread for a while) I felt so sad that the marriage may end over this recent problem.
I understand about defending your husband. I feel incredibly defensive if anyone says anything to or about my husband that is wrong or mean or untrue, because I know what a decent and good and godly man he is. Fortunately everyone that we know now likes and respects him highly, and my kids thinks he's great. Its just his ex and a few of her family and those who she lied to who did that. I cant blame them because they were told thinsg that werent true and distorted. We dont see them anyway so thats no problem.

Maybe your ideas about marriage were a bit romanticised? Maybe you were expecting some effimimate men(like in the historical romance films) to come and be your knight in shining armor? I dont know, but your husband is as he is, and although I believe that we can all change, we are only responsible for changing ourselves(with Gods help) and praying for those that we love and allowing God to work in them.

You are right about how important letting go of anger and resentment is, but as you know, it isnt easy to do. However it does eat us up inside, and does no one any good.

I truly believe that your marriage can be great, better than ever, if you let go of all of your own expectations and give it all to God. Again not easy to do but so helpful.

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