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Re: brink of seperation

thank you so so much for your thoughtful replies and support. i really do appreciate it. i have come back home from my parents, and he has persuaded me saying he really does love me so much and wants to change. he says he knows he has issues and is willing to go to his own individual counselling as well to sort them out. we've talked about his behaviour (following me, ranting etc) and he knows its unacceptable - we talked about this in counselling. he really does want to change. i really hope he can change. i think this behaviour was probably learnt at home as his mum really is lovely, but if she is annoyed about something she will rant and rave and yell and have no ability to remain calm.
so the counselling did go well, we both brought up stuff - the counsellor thought it was important that i got some me time - unfortunately he doesn't have much time at all so my mum might help out a couple of hours with that. his schedule really is heavy. but we will get there. another thing is the baby has recently started refusing a bottle at night which gave me some sleep, so i am bfing all the time and it is so draining. i hope we get through this - peoples prayers are seeing me through right now as i seem to be coping - things seem so different and hopeful than they did last week, i am trying to keep close to the Lord. please keep talking to me, as i really need it - in church noone talks about marriages and there is no marriage support from pastors or anything there wasn't even pre marriage guidance! thanks also its so encouraging to hear how others have come through this.
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