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Re: brink of seperation

Thank you for clarification. His words leave deep wounds in your soul, that is what drains you...he is not affirming your person or your particular sensitivities...he must find better ways to speak to you when he is upset, stressed or angry than to leave you in shreds verbally.

So you are sensitive, I imagine he is too except that in a different way. He needs to learn that just because he is "the man", does not mean he gets to dominate and control. He is supposed to lead and love you in a sacraficial way...not a overtake and overpower way. I hope he does not throw Scripture around as a weapon too???

Does he work 24 hour shifts?? Well, tending the needs of a baby is just like that. It is hard to even get a nice bath in. I had four children so I know. He needs to start realizing that you need help and a break so that you feel like a whole person. I am hoping the counseling will be effective in giving you a way to express these things...and that he will be responsive.

Please let us know how it went.
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