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Re: Courage to leave my 11 year marriage

Originally Posted by ralfgarnett View Post
Allah is the name for god in Malta, it is a legacy of our Arabic past, we are Roman Catholic but with many Arabic words in our language and place names, when I hear Arabic spoken on TV I can often understand a lot of what is being said although the dialect often obscures it, the former capital of Malta before Birgu and now Il-Belt Valletta was Mdina and it's suburb is Rabat, in our language and place names we have plenty of letter X Y J Z Q, my village is of Italian origin, but some famous places in Malta are Zebbug, Zejtun, Mqabba, Msida, Marsaxlokk, Marasascala, Mgarr, Mtarfa, Qrendi, I could go on but I think you get my drift, the following is a very popular prayer said at every mass and it is the Hail Mary in Maltese I have highlighted god's name, we love our own village saint and mine is San Nikola, but we love Santa Marija and also our nation saint San Pawl who was shipwrecked in Malta on his way to Rome and brought Christianity to our beautiful Islands

Sliem ghalik Marija, bil-grazzja mimlija,
is-Sinjur mieghek,
imbierka inti fost in-nisa
u mbierek il-frott tal-guf tieghek, Gesu.
Qaddisa Marija, omm Allah,
itlob ghalina, midinbin,
issa w fis-siegha tal-mewt taghna. Amen.
As you know ralf I dont believe in praying to dead people, they cant hear you anyway. but thats the legacy of the RC church.
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