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Peekay14 8th August 2014 09:11 PM

Silent, childless, sexless, loveless...
The silent, childless, sexless, loveless marriage
That is how I describe my marriage of 7 years and I am considering calling it quits. I have put up a brave front but of all the painful things in my marriage, it's the silence that has broken me down.
I want to leave, I'm not interested in him anymore. I used to *beg and plead for sex and get turn down all the time. It hurt and I thought the rejection would kill me. Now the thought of having sex with him is not appealing.*
I worry that if I leave he will be hurt. I do not want to cause anyone such deep pain and yet we are both unhappy. He is an active member in the church, if I leave he might not be allowed to serve. I can't bear that. I worry about who will take care of him if he got really Sick after I had left.
When the relationship between husband and wife breaks so do all the other relationships that came into existence because of that relationship. I can't bear to lose my mother in law, she is such a nice person and my brother in law keeps me laughing!
I can't stay because we are both miserable!

chosen 8th August 2014 09:25 PM

Re: Silent, childless, sexless, loveless...
I would recommend long term marriage counselling. Something isnt right here. Was he always like this?Does he know how unhappy you are?

Raymond 11th August 2014 08:38 AM

Re: Silent, childless, sexless, loveless...
It is a mockery of his christianity quite frankly. Husbands are to love their wives and the scriptures say do not defraud one another of sex (1 Cor 7:4/5).

Of course there may be a reason for this in him. Sometimes it is because of pornography or fantasies accompanied by mb. I don't know if there are any signs of this. There are many other reasons I can think of. If there has never been any sex ever then one could say that the marriage has never been consumated and therefore void.

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