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Rosalind 6th March 2001 03:17 AM

Interfaith Marriage
Prompted by Liz's question, I can state that, yes, a Christian can have a happy and successful marriage with a non Christian, but it takes hard work and a lot of tolerance. But what marriage doesn't?

However, people in mixed faith marriages have special questions to address and lots of thinking to do, not only about themselves and their families of origin, but also about how children should be brought up.

There's now a support network for couples and families affected by mixed faith marriage. We are still building up members and resources, but post back to me if you want to know more. It's worth working hard at your marriage...the rewards are fantastic!

Julian 25th April 2001 01:01 AM

Rosalind -

Please post information for interfaith resources and making a mixed faith marriage work. I am Jewish, my husband Christian. I know that this can work - but I need examples and resources of people who have been able to make this work. Thank you for you help!

Julian A.

Rosalind 25th April 2001 04:46 AM


There are quite a lot of people in mixed marriages now, although scattered about. Our network is small at present, but growing steadily. You can contact us by e mail:


I don't know if you aware of Jonathan Romain's book "Till Faith do us Part" (Fount 1996). Dr Romain is a Reform Rabbi, very aware of the issues of mixed marriages, but sympathetic too. He holds annual seminars in London for mixed couples...the next is January 2002.

I wrote that mixed marriages can be hard work, because we have to face questions that would not be a problem for many same-faith or secular couples. Weddings, children, food and festivals can all lead to robust discussions at times! Plus a couple can feel isolated from their families and worshipping communities. On the other hand, I know our family leads a richer and more interesting life than many others we know. Our children celebrate Passover AND Easter, go to Bat Mitzvahs and Church trips and the Hannukah Gelt always comes handy in time for Christmas. And although some people warned us that they would be confused by this mixture, they don't seem to be. My sister whose husband is from overseas, has children who are bilingual. They never confuse the two languages, and have learnt third and fourth languages with relative ease. Ourown children seem to have benefited in a similar way...they understand both faiths and have a good grasp of other beliefs, and tolerance to people of other faiths as well.

E mail if you'd like to know more.


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