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abby20 26th February 2012 05:48 PM

my partner seems to be addicted to being unfaithful
I have been with my partner for 3years, we've been living together a year and a half and meant to be getting married next may! When i got into this relationship i was already hurt and had trust issues but i was so happy everything was perfect!
I should of got out of this ages ago it all started after 6months of going out i found pictures of women on his phone, he said they had been on there for ages, this at the time i believed! 6months later a girl that was one off his friends girlfriends was texting him, i didn't mind as she was lonely her partner was in the forces and she wanted a friend to talk 2.. one night after a party with his family i found a picture from this girl sent that night.. i confront him and he says please don't be upset she just sent it to me, i didn't believe this but wanted to forget it!. He then got a new job, got friendly with the staff, i was a bit unsure about 1 girl as she get texting him and i knew it probably wouldnt be good news but decided to ignore it as my partner is a bit of a natural flirt anyway. But one day i log into the pc which goes straight onto his facebook and at that time hes at work on there having a chat with this girl! he was winding her up basically talking about her boobs etc and she was saying you'd love them but you wouldn't be able to handle them etc etc ,and he replies well i cant wait till we go away in the next few weeks(work).. i went mad and confronted this girl in which i got a reply of we was just having a laugh hes not my type, my partner begs, says the say of it was a joke. .a that weekend they was away was so hard, i knew they couldn't share rooms with different sex because of his care job but in my mind i didn't know what was happening! This girl still text him not often though but then 3 months later we got engaged.. i thought maybe i was thinking to much in 2 it! Since then iv seen him on porn sites, chat rooms and more texts from girls which i have confronted to.. i will never know how far hes gone though, whether he actually has cheated i will never know!! the last 6months has been so hard for me, the girls from the start stopped texting him ages ago and don't have his new number but the internet is always accessible! every time this happens he swears he will never do it again and that he doesn't know why he does it and he knows it wrong! is he addicted but within a few months i find something else.. i give up getting my hopes up thing is i know he loves me and im hurting so much i don't know why im still here, but i don't feel strong enough to leave.. PLEASE HELP!

1aokgal 3rd March 2012 01:47 AM

Re: my partner seems to be addicted to being unfaithful
Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry things have gone so badly for you in this relationship. Here is what I will tell you.

You must LEAVE! You got the picture. You don't need it spelled out more. He is an addict to porn, internet, and other women. If you had "trust issues" in the past, you made a mistake to trust this one. Don't make the biggest mistake of your life. He is a VERY poor prospect for any serious relationship.

Do NOT have unprotected sex with a man who can't keep it zipped! As you said, you don't know how far these things have gone, for sure you don't need to be exposed to STD's. Call it a day and say,"goodbye." I'm sorry to be so blunt, but I think you know what you NEED to do. You seem not to have the strength to end a very bad situation. It is not going to get better,

LibraLady 21st November 2013 04:10 PM

Re: my partner seems to be addicted to being unfaithful
I agree with okgal......he's out there....WAY out there......

He is showing you his true colors NOW, so dont marry this dude only to end up in divorce court or even worse with an STD.....

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